Doing the Research




When the provisional candidature has been confirmed the student is cleared to begin their study. For supervisors, this is the stage where candidates will need close interaction with their supervisory teams to ensure that there is strong structural approach in place for conducting the study. Supervisors have the responsibility to ensure that their candidates not only work on their projects, but also start writing about their research process and findings. Writing should not be left to the end of the process; rather, candidates should be encouraged to write often and early, and to also publish where they show the capability. Indeed, this is also the stage where stronger candidates should be encouraged to broaden their academic network through conferences and higher research degree (HRD) workshops that bridge institutions and states. Simultaneously, supervisors also need to track candidates' progress, ensuring that candidates make satisfactory progress through the use of frequent reports.

The tools to support “Doing the Research’ are contained in this section of the toolkit.


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