Selecting For Success




The most critical decisions about candidature are made at the start of process when applicants are assessed and those who are successful are allocated to supervisors. Should the applicant be afforded the opportunity to become a HDR student, the question then is which supervisors would be the most appropriate.

First, the decision has to be made about the capability of the student and the capacity of the university. Does the applicant have sufficient capability, energy and a relevant focus to achieve the Higher Degree to which they are applying to gain entry? Simultaneously a decision has to be made about supervision capacity. Is there a relevant compliant supervisor for each specific student with sufficient supervision capacity, and does the intended focus of the investigation fall within both potential supervisor capability and the current university research strengths?
Second, a decision has to be made about which specific supervisors would make the most appropriate team to support the student and the research.

This section of the toolkit contains the tools to support ‘Selecting for Success’ decisionst.


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